Signs of Success in Florida

The State of Florida last week reported the highest number of adoptions through its public adoption system in state history:  a total of 3,776 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009.   This achievement played a key role in a second remarkable outcome: a 32 percent decrease since 2007 in the number of children in foster care in Florida.  (See here for a news article.)

Christian churches and organizations have played a linchpin role in this success.  For example, Christian Alliance for Orphans’ member 4KIDS of South Florida not only cares for children within the Foster System—they also have become a driving force in encouraging families to adopt.  The President of 4KIDS, Doug Sauder, shared with me today that they’ve seen the number of children adopted from foster care through 4KIDS double in the past year.  More than 200 Florida churches have welcomed 4KIDS to address their members about the needs of foster youth, inviting Christians to consider fostering, adopting, or supporting others who do.  It’s clear impact of the growing response is being felt.

By Jedd Medefind