Of Hollywood, Orphans, and Us

New op-ed in National Review…

“One of history’s most cherished orphan stories is that of Esther, the brave adopted girl who became queen of Persia and rescued the Jewish people from annihilation. This summer, moviegoers may have that image displaced by another orphan of the same name — this one appearing as a psychotic child who wreaks havoc on the family that adopts her.

The Warner Bros. movie Orphan, which opens this weekend, has elicited outrage from many orphan advocates, and understandably so. The last thing orphans need is major motion picture that adds them to the lineup of creepy horror villains. A story like Orphan isn’t helpful to how they view themselves . . . or how other kids on the playground talk about them. But instead of merely criticizing Warner Bros., we should use the film as an invitation to talk seriously about responsibility — both Hollywood’s and ours…”

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