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Patheos Interview: God’s Care for the Orphan

Patheos has posted a new interview highlighting the Christian Alliance for Orphans and engagement with orphan issues: “…At its best, throughout history, the Church has been known as a champion for orphans. You definitely see echoes of this in the 20th-century Church as well. However, often we saw a false dichotomy between orthodoxy and orthopraxy-between […]

The Blind Side

By Jedd Medefind Our good friend at Together for Adoption, Dan Cruver, this week highlighted the upcoming movie, The Blind Side.  It’s slated for release November 20.   Dan’s blog post poignantly named the emotion that I felt also as I watched the trailer.  He described the impact of the adoptive mother’s words “My son” as […]

A Race Well Run

This week we saw Mary DeBoer VandenBosch, 93, reach the end of her race.  Mary co-founded Bethany Christian Services.   Her life embodies an incredible example of the ripple effect of an ordinary woman responding to the nudging of God to show compassion to a child.  It was 63 years ago when Mary DeBoer and Marguerite […]

Orphans and the Church

By Jim Daly I was an orphan. The world, at least as I knew it, fell apart for me when I was in the fourth-grade.  My mother died of cancer and my stepfather walked out on us only minutes after the funeral.   I know the pain, the loneliness and the despair of life without love.  […]

Vast Need: Unified Response

By Dennis Rainey I’ve been thinking recently of the magnitude of the task before us:  If you define an orphan as one who has lost either mother or father, there are more than one hundred and thirty million orphans in the developing world.  I’ve been trying to grasp what that looks like and what is […]

Empowered to Connect

Virtually every facet of the Christian orphan movement—from foster care and adoption ministries to overseas orphan care—is growing more robust by the day.  In both discussion and ministry-emphasis, however, one vital element can often be overlooked:  the resources, training and support needed by families whose children via adoption, foster care or otherwise have special emotion, […]