Empowered to Connect

Virtually every facet of the Christian orphan movement—from foster care and adoption ministries to overseas orphan care—is growing more robust by the day.  In both discussion and ministry-emphasis, however, one vital element can often be overlooked:  the resources, training and support needed by families whose children via adoption, foster care or otherwise have special emotion, psychological or relational challenges to overcome.  I was excited to learn this week that our friends from Tapestry, Michael and Amy Monroe, and Dr. Karyn Purvis have teamed up to engage this need with a significant new website, Empowered to Connect.  It promises to be a great resource for sharing wisdom and skills among families, ministries and others committed to helping parents connect fully with their children, even in the face of real difficulties.  The site already contains a solid and growing online library of articles, audio and video presentations.   I anticipate it will play an important role in helping to build out an aspect of the orphan movement that has often been underdeveloped.  More importantly, it will help many families overcome real barriers to grow deep connectedness between parent and child.