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Wait No More

It’s hard not to see that God is rousing hearts on behalf orphans when you hear about “Wait No More.”  Focus on the Family teams up with local churches, ministries, government and adoption agencies for these region-wide events.  Their purpose:  to help Christians understand the needs of children waiting in foster care in their area […]

Catalytic Philanthropy

An article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review presents a concept it dubs, “Catalytic Philanthropy.” The article urges philanthropic donors to consider that, at times, the best vehicle for their money and energy might not be existing nonprofits. Instead, they should consider applying all of their assets–talent, ideas and effort in addition to funding–to causes […]

Systems Changer in Chicago

Dr. Dave Anderson of Lydia Homes met me for dinner this past weekend while I was traveling through Chicago.  I came away from our meal full not only on buffalo wings and a Cobb salad, but full of mind and heart as well. In his prior work as an administrator at a highly-rated medical center, […]

A Principled Sacrifice in Colorado

Project 1.27 is advancing a tremendous vision in Colorado helping Christians to care for children in the state’s foster system.  Project 1.27 and its nineteen partner churches have played a central role in reducing the number of waiting children in the Colorado foster system by 25% over the past four years.  They’ve facilitated nearly 100 […]

CDC Tuberculosis Protocols and Adoptions

A number of national media outlets reported last week on the implementation of recent Center for Disease Control (CDC)  protocols that are having a drastic impact on some adoptive families, particularly from China and Ethiopia.  See this NPR report for more.   According to the CDC, the new TB protocols are intended to reduce the likelihood […]

Orphan Sunday

This week the Christian Alliance for Orphans launches the nationwide Orphan Sunday campaign.  What is Orphan Sunday?  Simply this: a chance for Christians committed to “the cause of the fatherless” to spread that vision to their church, community and friends. Churches, groups and individuals across the country and beyond are free to create their own […]