Notes from the Road 1: Alliance Board Meeting

The Alliance semi-annual Board meeting last week in Nashville left me with an overwhelming sense of what a privilege it is to get to ride in a boat when a whole team is working the oars in unison…and God is the one blowing in the sails.  From 8 AM to 5 PM, the Board sat at the football-shaped table, digging with both graciousness and vigor into the critical issues facing the Alliance, from prioritizing initiatives to the Alliance’s fundraising needs.  Every board member has the weight of other leadership roles and ministry on their shoulders, representing organizations large and small, church and parachurch, adoption, foster care, advocacy and global orphan care.    But as a team, everything else was drown out by the driving passion of each Board member for God’s purposes and the broader movement…even when it required sacrifice from their own organizations’ individual interests.  It was visible in the Board member who, even while facing a reduced budget for his own ministry next year, pledged funds to begin bridging the needs of the Alliance.  It was others, hard-pressed for time, volunteering to help coordinate Alliance initiatives that will bring no recognition or direct benefit to their own organizations.  And it was countless other choices as well, large and samll, where narrower interests were put secondary to the broader mission of a united Alliance.  That’s something we see all to rarely, even in ministry.   But when we do, it’s powerful.