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Playing for a Larger Vision: Gary Schneider

As much as we’d all hope otherwise, even ministries with the best of objectives all too often get sucked into the same empire building, intramural competitiveness, and turf wars as other organizations.  So it’s a refreshing breeze when a Christian nonprofit makes decisions that only make sense if their leaders are playing for a vision […]

New Estimates for Global Orphan Numbers

Our friend Dr. Susan Hillis of the CDC is one of the world’s top researchers on the relationship between HIV/AIDS and a host of issues facing orphans.  (Incidentally, she’ll be presenting at Summit VI on this topic in April.)  Yesterday, Dr. Hillis shared with us the just-released U.S. government assessment on orphans and vulnerability children, […]

International Adoption Numbers Drop Steeply

The U.S. State Department today released its official numbers for international adoptions in the 2009 fiscal year (Oct 2008 to Sept 2009.)  They show a steep 27 percent drop—only 12,753 international adoptions, down from 17,438 in 2008.  This number is more than 40 percent lower than the all-time peak of 22,884 in 2004. A host […]

The Blind Side

The Yahoo critics—typically more impressed by the dark and bizarre than by potent goodness—stroked their chins and gave the movie a “C+.”  But the rest of viewers presented The Blind Side with an unequivocal “A”, and have helped generate more than $150 million in ticket sales already.  Whether or not the masses are always correct, […]

Nick Kristof on How to Spur Compassionate Action

The current issue of Outside magazine carries a fascinating article by NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof challenging those who care deeply for the destitute to rethink the way we present human need to those we hope to spur to compassion and action.  Kristof’s discussion is focused on the question, “What motivates us as humans to […]

Guatemalan Adoption and DNA Tests

Reuters yesterday reported on possible efforts by the Guatemalan government to seek DNA testing of children adopted by American families from Guatemala.  The headline reads, “Guatemala pushes for DNA tests of kids adopted in U.S.”  However, the article is unclear as to whether the request represented an official position of the Guatemalan government beyond a […]