International Adoption Numbers Drop Steeply

The U.S. State Department today released its official numbers for international adoptions in the 2009 fiscal year (Oct 2008 to Sept 2009.)  They show a steep 27 percent drop—only 12,753 international adoptions, down from 17,438 in 2008.  This number is more than 40 percent lower than the all-time peak of 22,884 in 2004.

A host of issues have conspired to curtail international adoption—particularly decisions by foreign countries to limit, slow or completely halt foreign adoptions.  In contrast, the willingness of Americans to adopt overseas—anecdotally at least—seems only to have increased.  As expressed Chuck Johnson of the National Council for Adoption, “This drop is not a result of fewer orphans or less interest from American families in adopting children from other countries.”

Read today’s AP article here.