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Americans Arrested Bringing Children Out of Haiti

Reuters is reporting that a group of ten Americans was stopped as they sought to cross the border from Haiti into the Dominican Republic with 33 Haitian children, ages 2 months to 10 years.   The Americans, who report being with New Life Children’s Refuge, a charity based in Idaho, were questioned and taken to a […]

Haiti Suspends Flights of Orphans Out of Haiti

As the UPI reported this morning, the Haitian government has suspended flights of orphans out of Haiti.  This apparently includes flights of children previously approved to travel under the agreement between the U.S. and Haitian governments that allowed an expedited travel-approval process for children previously matched for adoption with American families.  According to the Miami […]

Wisdom from Tapestry on Haitian Orphans and Adoption

Our friends Michael and Amy Monroe, who lead the Tapestry Adoption and Foster Care Ministry at Irving Bible Church, are always an excellent source of both information and discernment regarding adoption-related matters.  The email Tapestry sent today, pasted below, provides an insightful and appropriately-cautious overview of key issues regarding Haiti and adoption: As the pictures […]

Haiti Spurs Push for Adoption Reforms in U.S. Government

A group of Congressional members supportive of adoption are working to create a streamlined system to match orphans from Haiti with U.S. families.  Helping to lead these efforts is Senator Mary Landrieu, a longtime adoption advocate.  Although the legislation championed by the group would focus first on Haitian orphans, it would ultimately apply to other […]

Haiti, Orphans and A Long-Term Response

For many Christians stirred by Haiti’s pain, the most significant response will be one that lasts beyond the current crisis.  Every available resource should be focused on emergency care for now—but a deeper test of our concern will come over months ahead. Individuals who want to how ordinary people can make a lasting difference for […]

The Rising Conflict Over Haitian Orphans and Adoption

Over the weeks ahead and beyond, we can expect a rising conflict over the issue of adoption and Haitian orphans. On one side will be those emphasizing large-scale models of response to human need led by government and globe-spanning NGOs.  While affirming international adoption in theory (at least as a “last resort”), these groups often […]