Alliance Highlighted on Heritage Foundation Site

The Christian Alliance for Orphans has been chosen as the current featured ministry on the Heritage Foundation’s “Seek Social Justice” website. This remarkable site offers a deeply thoughtful exploration of why the pursuit of justice for the weak and destitute matters for a society. It explores why large government “solutions” are often of limited impact or even counterproductive—creating dependency, stripping human dignity, and discouraging private charity. It also highlights how complex issues—from prisoner reentry and homeless to teen pregnancy and fatherlessness—can only be effectively addressed with local, personal response rooted in relationships. Significantly, the site does not stop with critique, but goes on to visit effective, real world models for addressing need. Although the Heritage Foundation is a secular institution, the discussion on the site makes no effort to avoid the fact that both motivation for loving struggling individuals and principles for what can truly elevate the needy flow from deep Christian faith.