Haiti Orphan Response and Immediate Supply Chain Needs

Response following a major disaster goes through several stages.  The first 24-72 hours are vital for rescuing individuals buried in rubble and delivering triaged medical aid to the wounded.  Delivery of basic necessities, particularly emergency food and water rations, are also vital to sustain survivors.  Even as this stage continues, other serious needs come to the fore—including transitional shelter, clothing, antibiotics and emergency medical procedures.  Developing supply chains that can make ongoing deliveries of water, food and other necessities becomes critical in this stage.  In Haiti, although efforts to expand capacity to care for earthquake victims for the long term have already begun, these more immediate needs continue to be the central focus.  This is particularly true for the many children’s homes and orphanages that have long served Haiti’s orphans…and now are seeking to serve a vastly expanded number of parentless children.   Our friends at JCICS are helping ensure communications between facilities serving orphans amidst this need and the U.S. Government, Red Cross and other key Washington offices.  If you are aware of an orphan-serving facility on the ground in Haiti that is having trouble securing delivery of basic necessities, write to info@christianalliancefororphans.org, and we’ll work to connect them with the right offices.