Haiti, Orphans and A Long-Term Response

For many Christians stirred by Haiti’s pain, the most significant response will be one that lasts beyond the current crisis.  Every available resource should be focused on emergency care for now—but a deeper test of our concern will come over months ahead.

Individuals who want to how ordinary people can make a lasting difference for orphans—in Haiti or otherwise—may have no better opportunity than Summit VI in Minneapolis, MN on April 29-30, 2010.

More than fifty workshops will deliver practical know-how for building adoption, foster care and global orphan care ministry in local churches.   Keynotes will include nation champions of orphan care and adoption, such as John Piper, Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, Tom Davis, and Al Mohler.  Compelling voices of the global church will join as well, from Africa and Eastern Europe to the First Lady of Guatemala City.

For those desiring to make their response to Haiti more than just a one-time gift, Summit VI will offer the tools for long-term response.  Click here to register.