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CIS Conference Call on Haitian Orphans and Adoption

Martha Osborne at Rainbow Kids created a helpful synopsis of a call today hosted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), Department of State (DOS) and other government agencies on the situation in Haiti related to orphans and adoption. A key excerpt: During the meeting today, it became apparent that discussing the hundreds of […]

The Quiet Tension Over International Adoption: NPR Interview on Haiti’s Orphans

NPR’s Talk of the Nation today focused on Haiti’s orphans in an interview with our friend, Tom Difilipo, who heads the Joint Council on International Children’s Services.  The show, titled “Where will All the Haitian Orphans Go?”,  addressed a number of important questions, including somewhat indirect references to an issue that is often a quiet […]

Clinton vows to speed up adoptions from Haiti

The AFP is reporting that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has promised the US government will do all it can to increase the speed of adoptions from Haiti “that had been underway before the earthquake struck a week ago.”   Said Clinton, “[We will] do all we can to expedite the travel of children who […]

Unhelpful Rumors Regarding Incoming Orphans

The Indiana State Department of Child Services released the following statement today following rumors that hundreds of Haitian orphans would be airlifted to Indiana: Rumors are circulating today that orphaned children from Haiti are headed to Indiana. These rumors are not true.As the terrible news from Haiti became known, Governor Daniels directed the Department of […]

An Orphan Sings

Video:  Little Jimmy, Orphan from Haiti, Breaks into Song

Washington Post on Haitian Orphans

A brief but poignant article from the Washington Post today provides a window into realities on the ground facing children and those seeking to help them: …In Port-au-Prince, clinics are starting to grapple with what to do with children they have treated who arrived unaccompanied by a parent… On Monday, as [a U.N. employee named […]