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Time Magazine Article on Adoptions in Haiti

An article from Time Magazine just went live, offering a window into some of the adoptions currently being expedited in Haiti.  As a side note, it’s important to remember that the adoptions being discussed began long before the earthquake hit:  Haiti’s Orphaned Kids:  How the Quake is Speeding Adoptions.


Hope for Orphans has launched a new blog at  Hope for Orphans consistenly produces excellent matieral, and this new site should be a great place for ongoing information and discussion of key issues related to adoption, foster care, and other issues related to children that do not have families.  The first post is titled, […]

Families Willing to Receive Haitian Orphans

Many families are asking how they can learn more about the possibility of taking in Haitian orphans.  At this point, the U.S. government has not yet determined if or to what extent it will issue broad “humanitarian parole” provisions allowing a large number of Haitian orphans to enter the U.S.  Furthermore, if large-scale entry is […]

Congressional Support for Focus on Haitian Orphans

A number of Congressional members are working to ensure the U.S. State Department places full attention on issues facing orphans in Haiti as a key focus of the overall U.S. response.  Among those at the forefront of this effort are long-time orphan and adoption advocates Senator Mary Landrieu and Senator Jim Inhofe.  A letter on […]

Exploitation of Haiti’s Vulnerable Children

The Atlantic online carried a chilling reminder Monday of the stakes in efforts to protect the orphans and other vulnerable children of Haiti.  As if the more basic challenges like food, clean water, and shelter were not enough, these children already—and very likely increasingly so over months ahead—face another enemy:  exploitation by adults eager to […]

CBS News on Landing of Haitian Orphans in Pennsylvania

CBS News today covered this morning’s arrival of fifty-three Haitian orphans in Pittsburg, PA.  It appears all or most of the children had been documented as orphans prior to the earthquake and were in various stages of adoption by American families.  Although it is unlikely that U.S. policy will allow entry by orphans in the […]