Oregon Considering Replicating Alliance Member’s “Safe Families” Model

We’ve shared with you before on this blog about the remarkable “Safe Families” vision of Christian Alliance for Orphans’ member Lydia Homes, led by Dr. David Anderson, in Illinois.  Dr. Anderson’s “Safe Families” model allows families on the verge of having their children taken by the state to voluntarily allow the children to be placed temporarily with volunteer families.  Thus, it greatly reduces the number of children going into the state foster system, instead connecting these children (and often their parents, too) with a caring family that desires to help them through a difficult time and, ultimately, reunite as a healthy family.  Last year, roughly 1,000 children were served by these volunteer “Safe Family” families in Illinois.  Already, Alliance member organizations have begun to replicate this remarkable model in seven states.  Now, the Oregon legislature is considering a bill that would authorize an official state pilot project of the Safe Families model in Oregon.  This would enable caring families that wish to serve as “Safe Families” homes to do so.    It’s also worth noting that Dr. Anderson will be presenting at Summit VI on how  organizations and churches can replicate this model in their communities as well.