Transcript of Twitterview with Dan Cruver, Together for Adoption

Jedd Medefind: Together 4 Adoption is part of the Alliance coalition that’s leading the Haiti Orphan Rescue Team. Tell us about it.

Dan Cruver: God’s given the church the responsibility to care for orphans. Orphan care is in the church’s DNA. Sometimes it’s dormant.  But over the past 4-5 years God’s been awakening that portion of the church’s DNA. It’s a bona-fide movement now.  The Haiti Orphan Relief Team (HORT) is evidence of this movement. What Haiti & its orphans need most is the church. HORT’s purpose is to connect U.S. churches with Haitian churches, to come alongside them for the sake of Haiti’s orphans…

Jedd Medefind: How does this fit with your Church-Centered Haitian Orphan Care Initiative?

Dan Cruver: Our objective is to mobilize U.S. churches by the gospel to be the Haitian church’s hands/feet to care for its orphans.  We’re seeking to do this in two ways.  (1) writing blog posts that help Christians look at Haiti’s orphan crisis through a gospel lens. Ex:  (2) by harnessing our sphere of influence to connect churches with tangible & long-term ways to care for Haiti’s orphans.  What I love about HORT is that it’s centered on the gospel & provides tangible, long-term ways to care for Haiti’s orphans.

Jedd Medefind: What kind of response are you seeing?

Dan Cruver: Many churches across denominational lines have contacted us. Most encouraging is the number of pastors that have inquired.  But initial response must turn into long-term engagement. The gospel is the power to do this & HORT serves as a mechanism.  HORT provides gospel-driven churches with the opportunity to connect with Haiti’s churches in tangible, long-term ways.

Jedd Medefind: So many Christians are ready to open their hearts and homes to meet the great need.  What is your primary advice for Christians who want to help?

Dan Cruver: There are two critically important ways for Christians to help Haiti’s orphans right now. Pray and give…  Pray: God is a helper and father to the fatherless. So praying to Him about Haiti’s orphans is essential, critical.  Give: In his providence, God’s already put reputable relief organizations on the ground in Haiti. Regularly give to them.  Lord willing, HORT will provide opportunities for substantial, long-term engagement with Haiti.

Jedd Medefind: You’ve recently written about needing “Gospel patience” when considering adopting from Haiti.  What do you mean?

Dan Cruver: Adoption’s A PIECE of the solution to Haiti’s orphan crisis. But it likely won’t be in play any time soon.  So, if families think God may be calling them to adopt from Haiti, it will require significant patience and endurance.  Only the gospel can produce the necessary patience and endurance. I explain what I mean here:

Jedd Medefind: We are looking forward to having you join us for #SummitVI in April.  What are you speaking on?

Dan Cruver: My breakout title for #SummitVI is “A Lifelong Love: Keeping the Gospel at the Center of Orphan Ministry”.  What we’ll do in my breakout is look at how the gospel creates and sustains orphan care ministry.  Without the gospel, the danger is that orphan care ministry will be a mere flash in the pan & not a permanent movement.  It’s through the gospel that God does his redemptive work. So, the gospel must be central to the orphan care movement.

Jedd Medefind: What would you say to folks who are trying to decide if #SummitVI is for them?

Dan Cruver: #SummitVI provides an unmatched opportunity to connect with & learn from those God has uniquely gifted in orphan ministry.  The orphan care movement is a gospel-movement, and #SummitVI will help you connect with others within the movement.

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