Dr. Karyn Purvis and Empowered to Connect

Dr. Karyn Purvis  is one of the nation’s foremost experts helping adoptive parents to connect fully with their children.  Dr. Purvis will be leading several highly-sought after workshops at Summit VI in Minneapolis, with topics that range from addressing the trauma orphans have faced to helping adopted children connect and share fully with their new families.  Dr. Purvis’ book and videos have been a tremendous help to my wife Rachel and me through our own adoption journey, and I now also have the privilege of considering Dr. Purvis a good friend as well.

Dr. Purvis has teamed up with our friends at Tapestry to produce a suite of tremendous new resources through what they are calling, “Empowered to Connect.”   They’ve recently added several new items to their growing online library, including two new topical videos featuring Dr. Purvis.   Click here to view Empowered To Connect video resources as well.

Whether for an adoptive parent, a supportive friend, or ministry leader seeking to support couples in their adoption journey, Empowered to Connect is one of the most important resources available in the adoption world today.