Ongoing Posts from the HORT Team

If you aren’t already, I’d strongly encourage you to read the updates and snapshots of life on the ground in Haiti coming from the HORT Team.  As one team member emailed me yesterday, “Without exaggeration, I would have to say it is at least 20 times worse here than what you see on CNN.”

Here is the start of the most recent post from Paul Myhill…

Things don’t have to be shattered to be deeply broken. During the night (Wednesday night), the rains came. The pastor’s house we’re staying in started to leak at multiple points, including waterfalls gushing into a bedroom and stairwell. From a distance the home looks fine but, up close, you see the cracks running deeply at the ceiling line throughout the whole structure. Under foot, the tiles shift and rock on the second level, evidence of a floor that had buckled just enough to separate ceramic facade from concrete plane. Sure, the house is fine under normal circumstances but, when tested by the storm, it gives way to penetrating outside forces….

You can read more here, but be warned that the details Paul describes are very strong.  If you haven’t taken steps to help Haiti yet–sharing financially, or praying or anything else–and definitely don’t intend to, it might be better for you not to read the rest.