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HORT Set to Launch

Join your prayers this weekend with the HORT Team as it begins its initial 2-week deployment to Haiti on Valentine’s Day.  (See here for other ways you can be involved […]

CT Interview with Michelle Bond on Haitian Orphans

If you haven’t seen it yet, Christianity Today’s interview with the U.S. State Department’s Michelle Bond is worthy reading for anyone weighing how best to care for Haiti’s orphans.  Overall, […]

Amazing Success in Colorado

Our good friends at Project 1.27 shared some very encouraging news from Colorado yesterday.  According to the Colorado State Division of Child Welfare, the number of foster children in need […]

HORT Highlighted on Yahoo! News

The strategic efforts of the the H.O.R.T. initiative, set for initial deployment to Haiti on February 14, have been picked up by Yahoo! News.   It will be exciting to see […]