Remarkable News from Colorado

For Christians committed to loving kids in the U.S. foster system, a story in today’s Denver Post may be one of the best news reports of the year.  The story recounts information conveyed on a prior Alliance blog post, describing how the number of children awaiting adoption in the Colorado foster system has been cut from over 800 in 2008 to only 365 today.

In what may be a surprise to some, the article is explicit about the driving force behind this amazing success:  Christians across the state who’ve opened their homes to kids who’d been growing up in the foster system.  The article highlights the tremendous work of Focus on the Family’s “Wait No More” campaign, which has worked with hundreds of churches to rally thousands of Christians to consider adoption from the foster system.  Other Alliance members, from  Project 1.27 to Bethany Christian Services, have played a key role in this success as well.  (Each of these groups will be sharing about their work, and how to replicate it, at Summit VI.)

Imagine if the Church in America could be known as the people who help find a permanent home for every last child in the U.S. foster system.  Colorado proves this is not as impossible as some might think…