Hope for 100

In churches across America, entrepreneurial orphan advocates are creating remarkable local initiatives to engage their churches in caring for orphans.  One very significant such venture is “Hope for 100” at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX.

Started by businessman Rocky Gill (yes, a true entrepreneur in both ministry and the corporate world), Hope for 100 launched in January 2009.  Its ultimate goal was clear:  to help one hundred children find permanent, loving homes through families in Green Acres Bible Church.  Today, the goal is within reach, with 93 children having joined families over the past 15 months or soon to be placed.

Hope for 100 includes five primary elements:

  • Raising awareness of the plight of the fatherless.
  • Issuing a specific challenge to the Church to care for a targeted number of orphans.
  • Beginning to match interested families with families who have already answered the call to be foster or adoptive families to give guidance and encouragement.
  • Providing an array of opportunities to care for orphans through an Ongoing Orphan Care Ministry.
  • Helping provide the necessary funds to families seeking to adopt.

The vision for Hope for 100 doesn’t stop with Green Acres.  Rocky has teamed up with Alliance member organization, the ABBA Fund, to help other churches start their own versions of Hope for 100.  This includes the option of creating ABBA Fund “adoption support funds” that provide financial support from a local church community to adoptive families.  (The ABBA fund charges nothing to churches for this service.)

You can learn a bit more about Hope for 100 at their website, including video of an impactful sermon given by Green Acre’s Pastor, Dr. David Dykes, challenging their church community to reflect God’s heart for the orphan.