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CBS News on Foster Need

CBS News providing a compelling window into the needs of foster youth in Montgomery, AL.   Some may read into the coverage an unnecessarily attempt to pit inter-country adoption against domestic adoption.   Even so, it raises a critical point:  families that find themselves freshly stirred by Haiti to the possibility of taking in an orphan may […]

Haiti: Update on Situation on the Ground

Although a lengthy read, the following blog post paints a stark portrait of realities on the ground in Haiti, mingling anguish at the pain with reminders that we can act in meaningful ways on behalf of Haiti’s people.  It  was written by Dieula Previlon, the  International Initiatives Pastor at Irving Bible Church (IBC) and a […]

Remarkable News from Colorado

For Christians committed to loving kids in the U.S. foster system, a story in today’s Denver Post may be one of the best news reports of the year.  The story recounts information conveyed on a prior Alliance blog post, describing how the number of children awaiting adoption in the Colorado foster system has been cut […]

Haiti: Inter-Country Adoption and Evils on the Ground

Two news items—one via blog and the other a newspaper report—came on the same day recently.  It would seem that their jarring contents must be coming from different parts of the world.  But both come from Haiti. From Paul Myhill’s blog: “I need to tell you something,” the teary-eyed girl said to Campus Crusade’s country […]

Piercing Article on Opposition to International Adoption

For individuals that care about the complex issues surrounding international adoption, this article by Philip Holmes is a must-read. While urging that significant caution and safeguards should be part of any approach to inter-country adoptions, Holmes lays bare many of the flawed (and sometimes disingenuous) reasons given for policies that ultimately minimize inter-country adoption. Importantly, […]