Wisdom for Church Orphan Ministries from One of the Best

We’ve often quoted from and mentioned Tapestry Adoption and Foster Care Ministry on this blog.  This volunteer-led ministry at Irving Bible Church is among the most mature and substantive church orphan ministries in the nation.  They’ve just hit their five-year anniversary, and I must confess I’m blown away by all God has done through Tapestry over that time.  They’ve made a profound difference for local families and the children those families have fostered and adopted.  At the same time, they’ve also provided a tremendous amount of invaluable guidance to church orphan ministries nationwide that are a few steps behind them.

This new post on the Tapestry blog provides both a chance to take stock of what’s transpired in five years, and also words of hard-earned wisdom for churches and individuals new to adoption, foster and global orphan ministry.