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Washington Post Opinion Editorial on Ethiopian Orphans

A good friend and member of the Alliance’s Church Orphan Ministry Advisory Council, Johnny Carr, has an op-ed on Ethiopian orphans in the Washington Post today. The piece highlights the vast need, warning “the future of Ethiopia’s children is heading toward a crisis of epic proportion if measurable and immediate action is not taken.”  But […]

Compelling Washington Post Op-Ed on Orphans in Russia

Following the controversy over the American woman who sent her adopted son back to Russia last month, the Washington Post ran a compelling op-ed on the plight of orphans in Russia–Adopted boy’s return highlights problems in Russian orphanages. The author, chief of pediatric cardiology at the University of Massachusetts,  Darshak Sanghavi, does an excellent job […]

700 Club Controversial Commentary Removed, But Further Steps Would Be Even Better

Following a firestorm of response, the 700 Club has removed Pat Robertson’s commentary on adoption from the clip they’d initially posted.  (For those who feel the need to review his remarks, both the news report on Summit VI and the commentary by Robertson that follows is still accessible—embedded video below—beginning at minute 14:00). We appreciate […]

700 Club Controversy Over Christians and Adoption

Alongside a compelling news report on Summit VI, commentary from Pat Robertson on why Christians would…or would not…adopt is likely to stir serious controversy.   It’s worth watching the polite but highly-charged exchange between Robertson and co-host Terry Meeuwsen.  (Embedded at bottom of post). Many orphan advocates likely will wince as they hear Robertson express […]

Goodness Flashes and Controversy Storms In News Story on Summit VI

A CBN headline news story today opened a poignant window into last month’s Summit VI and the rising tide of Christian commitment to orphans.  Commentary by Pat Robertson following the news segment, however, is likely to prod fierce discussion. The news report by Charlene Israel captured well the spirit of Summit VI and the passion […]

ABC Family Channel Feature on Summit VI

A feature story on Summit VI will air on the ABC Family Channel at 10 AM EST on Thursday May 20.  The story will also be streamed at Tune in to get a great re-cap of Summit, as well as many interviews even Summit attendees never saw…