Remarkable Web-Wide Blog Posts on Summit VI

It’s been thrilling to see the blog posts across the Web sharing experiences from Summit VI.    A sampling is below.   (Note:  no one encouraged or solicited these!)  The posts speak for themselves, but one element that comes through powerfully in so many of the posts fills me with special wonder.  What just a few years ago was essentially a small, disconnected and often isolated hodgepodge of orphan and adoption advocates…has grown into an increasingly intertwined, unified, mutually-nourishing movement that grows daily.  Clearly, there’s something more at work here than human hands.

“To say that the conference was inspiring is putting it lightly! I came away with my cup of joy and hope absolutely overflowing and was (and am) eager to share all I’ve learned with anyone who asks…”  here

“I have never laughed, cried, and talked so much in my life. I loved every minute of it!”  here

“It is obvious that God orchestrated my attendance at the conference to provide fresh wind and fresh fire to our involvement in and passion for adoption and orphan care…. I am thrilled that God allowed me to identify a potential ministry partner in every area we are currently working (India, Uganda and Mexico). It will be exciting to see how these relationships grow over the next several months and how His kingdom is served.” Here

“…Full of highlights, full of insights, full of God.” Here

“… it’s clicking finally. Seriously, I think I just “became a Christian” this weekend. Or I am growing through sanctification. One of the two. As a result of starting to grasp this better, I was able to see more clearly how caring for the Orphan is much bigger than anything I had ever understood it to be…” here

“We just got back from the national Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in Minneapolis. It was truly an amazing experience. To be with over 1000 people from 37 states who are as passionate about orphans as we are was an absolute treat.” here

“I guess my ramblings come down to this.  The conference was awesome…” here

“…a spectacular gathering of ministries and organizations and ordinary people to share what God is doing in response to James 1:27. The conference was overflowing with information…” here

“The conference was powerful – inspiring speakers, helpful breakout sessions and great conversations… I experienced something deeper than happiness. It was joy…”  here

“I can sum up my experience at the Summit in one word: AMAZING. I can also sum up my feelings after the Summit in one word: BLESSED. Okay, maybe two words: BLESSED AND HOPEFUL. Beyond that, I don’t even know where to begin.”  Here…

“It has really opened my eyes to the need of the orphans in the world.”  here

“It has been an incredible time! The praise and worship time, the fellowship with other adoptive families, and learning about practical ways any and every person can care for orphans worldwide has refreshed and encouraged us.”  Here

“Just a quick post to say that the Orphan Summit was wonderful! So much to learn.  My head was about to explode…”  here

“Wasn’t the entire Summit amazing though?! Loved it so much.”  here

“I can’t wait to share all of the amazing events that unfolded, and all of the things we learned while we were there…”  Here

“It was an amazing conference and one that I think every believer should go to. I would go every year if I could. It was a reminder of the heart of God for the world, orphans and making disciples who will love future generations to come. It was a refreshing challenge to walk by faith and serve the Lord in a way that I’m not used to being challenged.”  here

“… it was like drinking water through a fire hose! And I loved it!….”  here

I can’t wait to go to Summit [7] next year, I have already started saving for Brian and I to make the trip together to where every it is going to be.  The conference was awesome and it was a huge blessing to be able to share two days with people who are advocating for orphans locally and globally and are really, really passionate about Gods call to …care for the fatherless…  here

“an incredible conference of adoption and orphan advocates….men and women called by God to give a voice to orphans and help care for them physically, emotionally, and most important of all, introducing them to the saving love of Jesus.  Here

“…a very powerful place to be.” here

“We had such an amazing time at the Summit VI conference this week…This conference was the first official adoption event that we’ve done since we brought our sons home and I knew it would be good, but I didn’t expect to feel so very encouraged.” here

“This is our first Summit and we are so thankful we came!…we made significant connections with families and organizations around the country, as well as became educated in many new facets of adoption and orphan care.”  Here

“AMAZING…left not only fired up, but also feeling equipped to begin making a difference….It was truly one of the best weeks of our lives and even in the few days that we’ve been home, we’ve already seen the Lord working in mighty ways!  here.

I have been to many conferences in the past but have never experienced anything quite like being around 1000+ people with a passion and heart for orphans!  Here

The people I met — I would not have the opportunity to meet them anywhere else…all in one place.  here

Perhaps the most value gained from this conference was in witnessing how God is “infecting” His passion for the fatherless into the hearts of His people around the world. here

I was just incredibly impressed with the high caliber speakers they flew in to share their stories or positions on caring for the orphans all over the world. here

It is SO AMAZING!!!! It is just like this giant oasis for me right now. God brought this to me at the perfect time. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be in a room, praising God with 1500 people who all have a heart for Orphans. These people are as crazy as I am. I love it!!! here