2010 National Foster Care Prayer Vigil May 16-23, 2010

The National Foster Care Prayer Vigil takes place each May through collaborative efforts of a number of Christian Alliance for Organization members.  The Vigil invites followers of Christ to gather in communities across the country during the week of May 16-23 to pray on behalf of children in foster care, as well as their families, their social workers, and the church as it responds to their needs.

A local prayer vigil can take on many forms, from a formal, church-wide event to an informal gathering with your family after dinner.  Ideas suggested by the organizers include doing it as:

  • Part of a regular Bible study group in your home
  • Part of a regular Community Group meeting
  • Part of a Sunday School class
  • A Prayer walk through your city
  • A gathering of friends at a park, or the beach
  • A lunchtime gathering with co-workers
  • Or whatever and wherever you want it to be

If you’re ready to register an event, you can learn more here. You can also see the national map for a listing of vigils already scheduled.