Mid-Atlantic Orphan Summit

One of the most thrilling things about a true movement is that new expressions of the “galvanizing conviction” start popping up everywhere.   That’s exactly what’s happening with conviction that God cares deeply for orphans and calls His people to do the same. It was just six years ago that the first Summit took place, an exciting but small and first-of-its-kind gathering.  Today, new events, conferences and regional orphan Alliances are visible and growing across America like new vegetation in springtime.  It is beautiful to see.

One upcoming event I’m particularly excited about is the Mid-Atlantic Orphan Summit on November 5-6, hosted by a remarkable team of local believers in Hershey, PA passionate for Christ and orphans.  With a first-rate lineup of speakers, the conference promises to be a rich and inspiring event.

But here’s another facet that’s particularly encouraging:  until recently, the Christian orphan movement was much less visible in the Northeast than, for example, in the South or Midwest.  I believe that’s starting to change, and this conference will be both a visible indication and a special catalyst of that expansion.

My prayer is that this conference will not only inspire and equip believers across the region for orphan ministry, but also bring together many men and women who’ve long been serving faithfully despite feeling a bit isolated in their mission.  The truth is, they are part of a much bigger, deeper, richer movement than they may have dreamed.  The Mid-Atlantic Orphan Summit stands to be just what’s needed to give orphan advocates across the northeast and beyond a fuller sense of the countless passionate co-laborers they have in their work.