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A Glimmer of Things to Come

I spent the last two days in Louisville along with my trusted Alliance co-laborer, Elizabeth Wiebe, laying groundwork for Summit VII (May 11-13, 2011).  We came away full up with […]

Mike Gerson on International Adoption

Mike Gerson, former chief speechwriter to President Bush, has a tremendous column on international adoption in today’s Washington Post.  Mike has a reputation even among critics as not just a […]

The Post-Placement Journey

This week the Alliance hosted the Post Placement Journey webinar.  Dr. Karyn Purvis and Amy Monroe provided practical insights and resources to equip adoption and foster care ministries to help […]

The Safe Families Model

This week the Alliance Webinar Series hosted the Safe Families model.   Safe Families provides a transformational alternative to foster care that makes the homes of local Christians and their church […]