One Great Quote from the NY Times

Wednesday’s blog post noted the shortcomings of this week’s NY Times article on adoptions from Haiti.  That same article, however, also contained one small line of no small note for Christians who desire to see Christians again be known as a people who live out a sacrificial, Christ-honoring care for orphans.   Noting the involvement of churches in response to Haiti’s orphan crisis, the article described matter-of-factly, Evangelical Christian churches, which have increasingly taken up orphan care as a tenet of their faith…”

That line wasn’t a compliment or an analysis, just a fact.    What it says is that the New York Times—a publication that often proves to be as unaware of what’s happening in American Christianity as any—is beginning to recognize what many of us have seen for quite some time:  Christians across America are once again choosing to mirror God’s heart in caring for orphans in their distress.

When we do, even those most prone to be critics take notice.