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Whittling Compassion: Trying to Discern Where God Wants Us to Focus

Last month marked the half-year anniversary since Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake. Aside from the small uptick in coverage at the milestone, the eyes of the world have largely turned elsewhere: oil leaks, soccer matches, November elections. Of course, this was all but inevitable. The 24-hour news cycle is fueled by “new,” and tales of ongoing struggle, […]

Together for Adoption Conference Just 7 Weeks Away

We just received this message from our good friend and co-laborer, Dan Cruver.  The Together for Adoption Conference is less than 2 months away, and it promises to be a rich time of instruction, fellowship and exploration of the ultimate motivation for adoption and orphan care:  God’s loving pursuit and rescue of us when we […]

Global Orphans: The Numbers

One of the slipperiest elements of orphan advocacy is the statistics often quoted to describe the number of orphans worldwide. These often-varying estimates are sometimes misstated and frequently misapplied. For example, the various global estimates (143 M, 145 M, 163 M, etc) are often quoted in ways that imply that all of these children have […]

One Great Quote from the NY Times

Wednesday’s blog post noted the shortcomings of this week’s NY Times article on adoptions from Haiti.  That same article, however, also contained one small line of no small note for Christians who desire to see Christians again be known as a people who live out a sacrificial, Christ-honoring care for orphans.   Noting the involvement of […]

NY Times on Haiti Adoptions: Missing the Bigger Story

Yesterday’s NY Times article on U.S. adoptions from Haiti was a mixed bag.  (My letter to the editor of the NY Times is below).  The article did raise many of the complex and difficult issues that come with inter-country adoption, including a number that adoption advocates of every stripe must take very seriously. Ultimately, however, […]

A Tough Road Worth Taking

I had the privilege recently of guest blogging for our friends at Together for Adoption–some simple reflections on the way adoption and orphan care so often blend beauty and sorrow… _________________________________________________ Last weekend, my brother and I hiked deep into California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Our mission: to re-supply my father and his two close friends […]