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IRS Issues New Guidance on Adoption Tax Credit

In July, a friend of the Alliance reached out to ask us if we could help them sort through the vagaries of the recently-enhanced adoption tax credit.  Although it was widely known that the credit had been expanded, even many tax professionals were unsure how to apply it. After some research, it was clear that […]

Catalyst Article: Tension, Mercy and Orphans

Our friends at Catalyst gave the Alliance a great opportunity to raise a banner for orphan ministry—and also highlight the opportunity of Orphan Sunday—in an article published this week.  In it, I especially desire to tackle head-on the deeply mistaken perception that churches must choose between orphan ministry and rock-solid commitment to discipleship and the […]

The Wall Street Journal on the Christian Orphan Movement

The Wall Street Journal on Friday carried an amazing article on the Christian orphan movement.  Its central thesis echoed the thrilling truth frequently noted on this blog:  much like the early Church during Roman times, God’s people are again earning a reputation as “defenders of the fatherless.”   An excerpt of the article is below, and […]

Tapestry Celebrates Five Years

The Christian Alliance for Orphans seeks to ignite and equip Christians for adoption, foster and global orphan ministry. We believe orphan ministry is most always best carried out as part of a community in the local church. So at the heart of our work is inspiring, interlinking and equipping church-based orphan ministries.  These come in […]

30,000 Orphans Sent Back to Russian Orphanages

News outlets are carrying the troubling report that one of every three children adopted by Russian families from Russian orphanages in the past three years have been returned to state institutions.  This means roughly 30,000 children were sent back to their orphanages. This news comes on the heals of the recent uproar over the tragic […]

MTV’s 16 & Pregnant

Pop culture celebrities Catelynn and Tyler were interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show this week.  (They also graced the cover of this month’s People Magazine.) For those, like me, who hadn’t previously heard of this young couple, they were featured in Season One of MTV’s 16 Pregnant and are now figures on MTV’s […]