Dan Cruver on Small Church Orphan Ministry

A central conviction underlying the work of the Christian Alliance for Orphans is that Christians can’t answer God’s call to care for the fatherless via formal organizations alone.  Rather, meeting the deepest needs of an orphaned boy or girl requires the personal, wholehearted involvement of caring believers:  as foster parents and mentors, adoptive families and engaged supporters of orphan care ministry.  Just as important, this personal involvement isn’t the role of an isolated family here and there acting alone, but ideally will happen as part of communities in local churches that walk this journey together, supporting, encouraging and enabling each other.

An article last week by our good friend Dan Cruver on www.edstetzer.com does an excellent job explaining why this vision isn’t the sole territory of the large, well-resourced church.  Rather, he explains that often it is the small church that embraces orphan ministry in the fullest manner possible:  not seeing it merely as “one more good cause” but as a core aspect of the church’s character, representing not only a ministry of mercy, but also a vital force for discipleship and proclamation of the Good News.

Read the whole article here.  And, if you haven’t already, make sure to register for Together for Adoption’s upcoming conference in Austin.