What the World Needs Most…Is Not Our Relevance

Cardus magazine has just posted the contents of their June 2010 edition online, including an article I wrote on the deep desire many of us feel to be relevant before a watching world…and the hazards that inclination sometimes holds for our faith.

What the world needs most is not our relevance

Perhaps more than any single attribute, today’s Christians desire to be relevant: listened to, respected, wanted in the room. In contrast to those bunker-mentality Christians of yore, we yearn to swim the currents of our time, converse in its tones, and thus help to shape its character. No wonder the Christian magazine most definitive of the upcoming generation is titled, quite simply, Relevant. The words one secular commentator used to describe young evangelicals in Washington, D.C. apply broadly: “Above all, they fear being irrelevant.”

What the world needs most from us, however, is not mere relevance. Nor has it in any age. The most vibrant moments of Christian history are those in which believers chose a prophetic role—even to the loss of perceived relevance. There’s no need to don camel hair robes just yet, but it may be time to rethink our passion for relevance, and whether we’d be willing to trade it for something higher and bolder…

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