Tapestry Celebrates Five Years

The Christian Alliance for Orphans seeks to ignite and equip Christians for adoption, foster and global orphan ministry. We believe orphan ministry is most always best carried out as part of a community in the local church. So at the heart of our work is inspiring, interlinking and equipping church-based orphan ministries.  These come in endless variety.  Some are in mega-churches; some in home churches.  Some focus on adoption, others on foster care, others on global orphan initiatives, and some on all three.   Some offer a huge array of services; some are very simple.  But the common thread is a conviction that caring for orphans is best done as part of a community—encouraging, serving, and supporting one another.

One tremendous example of this is the Tapestry Adoption and Foster Care Ministry, based in Irving Bible Church in the Dallas area.  Tapestry just celebrated the five year anniversary of its ministry.  Check out the simple, compelling video they created that gives a little window into what it can look like when local believers join together to form a community of adoption and foster care ministry.