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One Who Did Not Come from Your Knee

Among the many remarkable individuals I met at the Lausanne Congress was an Ethiopian doctor named Henok.  His young-looking face and bright eyes hinted at the warm and gentle spirit one encounters in speaking with him.  Henok studied medicine in Germany.  But unlike many from Africa who receive professional training in the West, Henok decided […]

More than Humbled at the Wonder of the Global Body of Christ

As I cross the miles homeward from the Lausanne Congress, my heart and mind are full.  First in my thoughts, I’ll confess, is an almost giddy eagerness to see Rachel and our four little ones. Alongside this anticipation swim myriad reflections from an unforgettable week with 4,000+ Christian leaders from virtually every corner of the […]

Twitterview with Jon Egan of Desperation Band

We had a great time interviewing Jon Egan of the Desperation Band over Twitter today! The Desperation Band is working tirelessly to engage youth and students in the cause of the orphan through the Heartwork campaign. We look forward to joining them in Colorado Springs for the Orphan Sunday concert on November 5th! In case […]

Twitterview Today!

Today at 2 PM MTN (4 PM EDT) join Alliance President Jedd Medefind for a live “Twitterview” with Jon Egan of the Desperation Band. The 10-minute rapid-fire interview live on Twitter will touch on the Desperation Band’s passion for orphans, the Heartwork Campaign, Orphan Sunday weekend and more. Follow and to join us!

Headed to Africa: The 3rd Lausanne Congress in Cape Town

At 3:30 AM tomorrow, I’ll begin a 30+ hour journey that will end in Cape Town, South Africa, site of the 3rd Lausanne Congress.   I’m just one of rough 4,000 believers that will be gathering from more than 200 nations for “Cape Town 2010,” which Christianity Today recently predicted will be the most diverse gathering […]

Story from New Guinea

My cousin Gavin and his wife Carrie serve with Wycliffe in Papua, New Guinea.   He’s a missionary pilot and, in addition to other responsibilities, she helps lead health initiatives in the region where they live.  AIDS is already a serious issue there, and my sense from what Carrie has shared is that the HIV/AIDS situation […]