Twitterview with Jon Egan of Desperation Band

We had a great time interviewing Jon Egan of the Desperation Band over Twitter today! The Desperation Band is working tirelessly to engage youth and students in the cause of the orphan through the Heartwork campaign. We look forward to joining them in Colorado Springs for the Orphan Sunday concert on November 5th! In case you missed today’s twitterview, here’s a transcript:

Orphan Alliance: Here we go. It’s a Christian Alliance for Orphans Twitterview with Jon Egan of the Desperation Band. Jon, welcome!

OfficialDBAND: Thanks Jedd. good to be here with you on the world wide web! 🙂

Orphan Alliance: So, Jon, first things first. You’re a band leader, but also a family man. Correct?

OfficialDBAND: Indeed. I’ve been married to Paige for 7 years. 2 kids. twins! Jones and Izzy. They’re 2 1/2. An epic adventure.

Orphan Alliance: Love it. Being a husband and father is truly the privilege of a lifetime! I love that Dband is a national sensation but rooted in a local church. Rare combo. Is that imp to what you’re about?

OfficialDBAND: absolutely. we believe in the church. god is moving through it. we want to help

Orphan Alliance: I understand DBand is working on a new album with your church. Tell us about it.

OfficialDBAND: just recorded it last week. its a family effort of multiple worship leaders and writers. its killer. awesome new songs.

OfficialDBAND: look for it in the spring. working title right now is “our freedom”

Orphan Alliance: Favorite track?

OfficialDBAND: Theres a new song called Dry Bones (Back to Wonder) that is very special to me.

Orphan Alliance: Let’s talk about orphans. DBand has become a potent voice for the fatherless. What first woke you to God’s heart for this?

OfficialDBAND: if you truly worship God, it won’t be long before you capture God’s heart for the less fortunate. I’ve always loved……being a “revivalist.” I’ve realized that there are 2 kinds. Those who hope for it and those who bring it. We are God’s……hands. We have the authority. read psalm115:16. food in a hungry mouth is revival. A new roof is revival. we bring it.

Orphan Alliance: Right on! Why do you care so much about taking this message to students?

OfficialDBAND: same reason I want to take it to anyone. Sons and daughters of god…acting like it! It’s glorious……Students are a ripe harvest for action. Unafraid and mold-able. They’re ready for such a movement.

Orphan Alliance: What do you see happen in students when they start caring seriously about orphans?

It’s an amazing display of redemption. I’ve seen their lives turn around completely. we sing and preach a lot about… …redemption/freedom. Is.58:10. We stop saying “god set me free and I’ll go” and god says “you go and you’ll find freedom.”

Orphan Alliance: Awesome message! Tell us about the Heartwork Campaign. What is it?

OfficialDBAND: simple yet massive. We want to see 1,000 student groups rise up. 1,000 orphan projects funded/built. All in 1,000 days… We started the clock in June2010 at our regional desperation conference. The clock is ticking and groups have begun!… …we launched a website that can handle/track our progress. Every group can join the movement at

Orphan Alliance: What type of projects have you seen come in so far?

OfficialDBAND: anything from water wells to a full on care points which include schools, kitchens, etc… and everything in between. Nothing like this has ever been done. We’re believing for the miraculous

Orphan Alliance: The DBand is a big part of the upcoming Orphan Sunday weekend, too. I’m thrilled about that! So Orphan Sunday is Nov 7. It’s a chance for the church to highlight God’s passion for orphans and our response… And the DBand is leading worship for the national Orphan Sunday simulcast. It’s live. And free. Other details?

OfficialDBAND: right. Friday night, Nov 5. It’s called “Live from Colorado Springs.” Student groups across the country can join in free.

Orphan Alliance: So the DBand will be pumping it out live on Friday Nov 5. Tell us more.

OfficialDBAND: It’s first about worshipping together, students and the young at heart from across the U.S. Locked and fixed on God’s heart

Orphan Alliance: That’s where it’s always got to begin! “We love because He first loved us.” Any other motivation will ultimately run dry.

OfficialDBAND: Exactly. So it’ll be centered on the Father. We’ll also talk about orphans. God’s heart for them. And WHAT WE CAN DO.

Orphan Alliance: Beautiful! We can’t wait to join you there in Colorado Springs! One more question… What do you say to students who thinks they need to wait til they’re 25 to “care for orphans in distress”?

OfficialDBAND: I’d say that’s a lie. Rise up and be strong. You are equipped and have living inside you all you need. The time is now!

Orphan Alliance: We sure echo that! Thanks Jon – Great to chat with you today! Praying and counting the days till #OrphanSunday concert

OfficialDBAND: the privilege was mine. we love you guys. You’re the real deal. you’re making a dent. true kingdom work. bless you.

Orphan Alliance: Student leaders & groups can see more about the @officialDBAND concert at on the “Live from Colorado Springs” poster.