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Orphan Sunday in Guatemala, A Movement in Ukraine

Although this blog often notes how robustly God is stirring hearts for adoption and orphan care among American churches, this phenomenon isn’t bound by U.S. borders.  From Eastern Europe to Africa, expressions of a renewed awareness of the biblical call to “defend the fatherless” are taking light in the local church. One of the most […]

Six Seeds Takes Up Adoption (Your Comment = $2 for the Alliance!)

The much-worth-frequenting news and entertainment website SIX SEEDS has run a series of excellent stories on adoption and foster care this month.  Today, they posted an interview I did with them recently about the Alliance and Christian adoption and orphan care movement.  You can read interview HERE.  If you’re able, take an extra moment to […]

100 Orphan Sunday Reports

Although the high-level statistics of “what happened on Orphan Sunday” are exciting, the truly thrilling part has been receiving reports of all the things–large and small–that took place in communities across the U.S. and beyond. It’s these little details and anecdotes that point to the heart of what it’s all about:  not a big, national […]

Alliance Board in Dallas—What an Amazing Team!

The Christian Alliance for Orphans’ Board met this week in Dallas.  We were hosted by board member Mike Douris, President of Orphan Outreach, and by our good friends at Buckner International.  The time together refreshed and encouraged. Each of the Board members are wise and godly believers, the kind one feels privileged just to be […]

Two Significant Bills Before Congress

The Christian Alliance for Orphans is not a lobbying organization, but we keep an eye on legislation that is likely to have a significant impact upon for orphans, whether for good or ill. With just weeks left in the current Congressional session, two notable bills wait for action:  the International Adoption Simplification Act – S. […]

Two Great Opportunities Today

We were excited to learn that our friend and 2009 Summit speaker Rob Mitchell, author of The Castaway Kid, will be interviewed on Focus on the Family today and tomorrow, November 18-19.  The program will be titled, Unveiling the Heart of an Abandoned Child (Part 1 of 2).  What Rob shared at Summit, as well […]