Giving to the “Cause of the Fatherless” Up

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) this week released its annual “State of Giving Report,” which explores giving trends for Evangelical ministries.  The report finds that, despite the major economic downturn, giving from 2007 to 2009 decreased only 0.1 percent.

Perhaps even more notable for Christians committed to the plight of orphans, the report found that giving rose substantively in categories related to adoption and orphan care.  Total donated income for the “Adoption” category rose 9.1 percent, and was up 11.6 percent for “Orphan Care.”

Of 29 categories, only “Child Sponsorships” (which very often is directed toward care for orphans) and the broad “Media” categories saw higher rates of growth.

Certainly, we all can pray (and sacrifice!) that all areas of vital Christian ministry will receive funds they need over the years ahead.  As we do, we can also celebrate another signal that God is stirring His people to be known once again as those who “defend the cause of the fatherless” (Is. 1:17) in both word deed.