An Orphan Sunday Video

I’ll confess watching the video below brought a little “manly moisture” to my eyes, particularly its closing section.  It was created by Matthew Wilson for his church in Huntsville, AL to play for Orphan Sunday.   The video’s message speaks for itself.  What adds to its impact as well is to see yet another example of how one local believer used his creativity and skills to help inspire and encourage his church to reflect God’s love for the fatherless.

The truth is, the heart of Orphan Sunday is not the “national” elements, from the website to the simulcast to the media campaign.  Rather, it’s the countless local ways that individual Christians creatively harness Orphan Sunday as an opportunity to spread the passion God has given them for the orphan.

This year, the myriad local expressions of Orphan Sunday were every bit as diverse as their organizers.  Large and small, complex and simple, each local Orphan Sunday event somehow pointed to God’s heart for orphans and how we can reflect that heart through adoption, foster care and/or global orphan ministry.

Of course, all of this happening on (or near) the same weekend adds up to a nationwide echo that carries more impact than individual efforts alone.  But, ultimately, individuals are most often moved from ignorance to understanding and then from understanding to responsive action not merely by a “national campaign” but by a friend or pastor or lay leader engaging them directly, right where they are.   Kudoes to Matthew Wilson for how he responded to God’s invitation to do just that for the people of his church.

Orphan Sunday 2010 from Matthew Wilson on Vimeo.