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An Orphan Sunday Video

I’ll confess watching the video below brought a little “manly moisture” to my eyes, particularly its closing section.  It was created by Matthew Wilson for his church in Huntsville, AL to play for Orphan Sunday.   The video’s message speaks for itself.  What adds to its impact as well is to see yet another example of […]

Compassion for the Fatherless—The Axis Point of Hosea

I was struck deeply this past week by a passage I’d never before noticed in the book of Hosea.  My own thoughts of Hosea have always revolved around the living metaphor that God directed Hosea to act out in real time.  Hosea was to welcome back into his home his adulterous wife Gomer, foretelling how […]

Giving to the “Cause of the Fatherless” Up

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) this week released its annual “State of Giving Report,” which explores giving trends for Evangelical ministries.  The report finds that, despite the major economic downturn, giving from 2007 to 2009 decreased only 0.1 percent. Perhaps even more notable for Christians committed to the plight of orphans, the report […]

Orphan Sunday Weekend 2010

Upbeat reports are coming in from all across the country about what transpired over Orphan Sunday weekend.  From a stirring sermon in a suburban start-up church of fifty to city-wide efforts that touched scores of churches across a number of major metropolitan areas, it seems Orphan Sunday was just what all of us had hoped.  […]

Live “Twitterview” Tomorrow with Mary Beth Chapman

As Orphan Sunday week gets rolling, join Alliance President Jedd Medefind tomorrow for a live “Twitterview” with Mary Beth Chapman on Tuesday, November 2, at noon eastern (9 AM pacific).  The 12-minute rapid-fire interview live on Twitter will touch on Orphan Sunday, Mary Beth’s passion for orphans, her new book and speaking tour, and more.   […]