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The Light Yoke–Article from COMMENT Magazine

Even when I was a boy, Jesus’ claim that his yoke was somehow easy and light mystified me. Had he not warned of heavy, even severe, costs for following him? In Bonhoeffer’s unforgettable words, “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.” What’s easy about that? I landed my first paid political […]

A Book of Immense Significance

The best books make no claim to carry new ideas or truth.  Rather, they help us both to see and to feel timeless truth afresh.  Such is the recent release God So Loved, He Gave by Kelly Kapic.  It is one of the best books I’ve read in years. Its language is rich, even poetic […]

HIV/AIDS and Orphans in Eastern Europe

Many of great evils in the world—from poverty and war to human trafficking and disease—are both cause and effect of the global orphan crisis.  The relation between orphanhood and other ills is cyclical, one amplifying the other and then vice-versa. One place this is seen most vividly is in relation to HIV/AIDS.  As this disease […]

The Most Significant Challenge Facing Adoption in America

Last month, the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute issued “Keeping the Promise,” a highly significant report exploring the state of adoption and adoptive families across America.  Although the report was not written from a Christian perspective, in my view it would be hard to overstate the importance of its conclusion for the growing Christian adoption […]

A Movie Worth Changing Plans For

A new made-for-TV movie slated to air on January 8 explores adoption, sacrifice and life priorities in a way very few films today do.  “Change of Plans” tells the story of a young, jet-set couple whose all-too-perfect lives may be irreparably altered by four orphaned children.   I had the chance to preview the director’s cut […]

New Report Spotlights Good Adoption Brings to Children and Families

The Family Research Council recently released a new report exploring outcomes and benefits of adoption.   Most of the findings will not come as a major surprise to adoptive families.  And, some of the chosen wording and emphasis found in the report may spur a bit of legitimate debate among advocates.  But ultimately, this thoughtful paper […]