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Letter from Ohio

As often noted on this blog, it’s thrilling to see continual evidence of God stirring His people for the fatherless.  And just as exciting as the growing breadth of this movement is the diversity of ways the same core truth—God’s heart for the fatherless—is being expressed by believers across the country and beyond. Here’s one […]

Help Haiti Act Passes

This week, Congress gave final approval to the Help Haiti Act.  This bill clears the path for citizenship for the over 1,000 Haitian orphans brought to the United States by adoptive families following Haiti’s devastating earthquake.  The bill now awaits President Obama’s signature, which is expected. A statement on the bill’s passage from House Majority […]

World AIDS Day and Project HOPEFUL

Today is World AIDS Day.  There was a time when Christians weren’t known for being involved with response to this dread disease.  Like most others, in the early days of what was then often called “slim disease,” the Christian community failed to grasp the severity of what was coming.   There were also many controversies—some legitimate […]