Join to Pray for Haiti on Your Time

Yesterday’s virtual prayer gathering on the anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake was deeply meaningful.  Scott Vair did a tremendous job planning it, with an array of church and organization leaders highlighting Scripture and then praying for specific issues and needs.

We prayed fervently and in unity.   The requests—comfort for the mourning, strength and skill for those rebuilding, wisdom and integrity in the government, and much more— I believe reflect God’s heart and will for Haiti.  And I am confident that somehow, in the mysteries of Providence, much good will be moved through that hour of prayer.

We know some were not able to join because of its mid-day timing (at the same time that the earth shook.) If you weren’t, we’d invite you to set aside an hour to “join us” in the next week.  The prayer gathering (along with accompanying images, verses and live music) was recorded, and is now posted on the Alliance webinar page.  You can also view it below.

Regardless of the unique places each of us is called to expend our time, skills and treasure, may all of us who were moved by Haiti’s pain not fail to remain faithful to its people in our prayers.