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At !DEA CAMP. Join Us Now!

I’m at !dea Camp with many other Alliance friends.  The energy here is palpable.  I’ll be one of the folks interviewed as part of this morning’s plenary. You can join us via the live webcast at or watch here: Watch live streaming video from newsongglobal at

Loving Foster Youth Even When You Can’t Be a Foster Parent

A friend of mine named Stasia is 29 and has just been married for a year and a half, but I heard her express recently that she considers herself to be the parent of a 21-year old.  I couldn’t help wanting to hear more, and Stasia explained that seven years ago, she’d moved back home […]

Daytona Winner Raises Banner for Christ and Orphans

The media has been abuzz with reports of Trevor Bayne, the 20-year-old driver who won Sunday’s Daytona 500.   Trevor is the youngest Daytona 500 winner in history.  Even better is the fact that he’ll be sharing a portion of his $1.4 million prize to help orphans through Back2Back Ministries, a highly-respected member of the Christian […]

Get A Glimpse of Summit Keynote Speakers

From workshops to plenary sessions, this year’s Summit features many of the most compelling and knowledgeable voices in the Christian adoption and orphan care movement.  Catch an early look at eight speakers whose keynote remarks will complement the 75+ nuts-and-bolts workshops planned for Summit VII! Russell Moore Russell D. Moore is the Senior Vice President […]

Steven Curtis Chapman Alliance Video Short

In case you missed it, we thought we’d post the great new Alliance Video Short featuring Steven Curtis Chapman, who shares what he sees when churches begin to embrace adoption and orphan care ministry.  As this blog often explores, the transformation that happens goes far beyond the lives of children in need:  it grows our […]

Fathers & Sons Standing for the Fatherless Together…from the Gridiron

When a good friend and orphan advocate, Greg Buzek, mentioned in an email today that he was on heavy pain killers, I had to ask why.   It was the “Father & Son Bowl,” he explained, “ruptured my patella tendon going for an interception.”  Despite the surgery awaiting him on Valentine’s Day, Greg wasn’t angry.  And […]