Fathers & Sons Standing for the Fatherless Together…from the Gridiron

When a good friend and orphan advocate, Greg Buzek, mentioned in an email today that he was on heavy pain killers, I had to ask why.   It was the “Father & Son Bowl,” he explained, “ruptured my patella tendon going for an interception.”  Despite the surgery awaiting him on Valentine’s Day, Greg wasn’t angry.  And the Bowl is still his son’s favorite day of the year.

As Greg described, the “Father & Son Bowl” is a flag football game where dads and their sons, or mentors and mentees, play on the same teams together.   It’s a fun time for the boys and their dads/mentors, affirming the importance of becoming men character and also raising funds for fatherless children as well.  This year there were 540 players across Tennessee, with all of the proceeds go to orphan-related causes.  They’ve raised more than $14,000 thus far.

From wedding gifts to flag football, it is beautiful to see the ways God’s people are finding creative ways to highlight and fund efforts to serve the fatherless.

You can learn more about the whole idea (and how you could replicate it) at www.fatherandsonbowl.com.