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Seed Adoption Video

As shared in a recent post, the Alliance is thrilled to join in the Seed Adoption initiative.  A new video conveying the heart of Seed Adoption was released today, and is well worth the 3 minutes to watch… Seed Adoption – Ethiopia Project from Wiseacre Short Films on Vimeo.

Why Theology Matters for Orphans

Mom and Dad taught me not only to love God, but to seek Him in study and memorization of God’s Word.  I look back on this as an unparalleled blessing.  But as I explored the wider world in college and beyond, I was struck by how often I saw obsession with theology producing little but […]

CPJ Article “What it Takes to Love Orphans”

The Center for Public Justice’s Capitol Commentary today published: What it Takes to Love Orphans The unmatched significance of the family is perhaps never more visible than when a child must face the world without one.  The depth of each orphan’s sorrow and struggle can leave us breathless, while the scope of what many call […]

Defying the Gods of Our Age

Perhaps nothing more blatantly defies the gods of our age than adoption and sacrificial care of orphans.  That thought filled my mind today as I heard from friends about the Davis family from Alabama that is wrestling with the Russian judicial system to bring home a Russian orphan who has Down’s Syndrome named Kirill. According […]

CCAI Report on Legislation

  For those interested in the public policy aspects of adoption and orphan care, our friends at the Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute today released, “What Barriers Remain?”  This report explores the areas of adoption and foster care reform the 112th Congress may consider addressing this legislative session.  The report discusses several key issues of […]

Where the World Needs Me

Comment Magazine recently gave me the opportunity to write a piece for their series, “Where Does the World Needs Me?”  Of course, the answers to that question are as diverse as God’s people.  And the many mini-articles written for the magazine reflect this reality with wisdom and creativity.  But for my part—authoring the section titled […]