Japan’s Tsunami

The shortest verse in the Bible is also among its most profound:  Jesus wept. It is not hard to imagine that he does so again now over the anguish following Japan’s Tsunami.  Thousands are dead, countless more wounded and displaced.

Given Japan’s affluence and well-developed social services, the needs of newly-made orphans and other vulnerable children will be very different than following developing world disasters.  Inter-country adoption, which is almost never a wise course in the immediate aftermath of disaster, will not likely be a need in the long run either.

But the sorrow and emotional hurt of children and so many others besides calls out for comfort, encouragement and love alongside the more visible, physical needs.  Let us not feel without acting, even if that acting is primarily prayer at this point.  In addition, for those desiring to help financially, I am aware of one excellent Alliance organization involved in response and recovery efforts:   The Global Aid Network (GAIN).   (We’d strongly affirm support flowing through GAIN to Japan, and will add additional Alliance organizations if we learn of others at work on the ground.)