Defying the Gods of Our Age

Perhaps nothing more blatantly defies the gods of our age than adoption and sacrificial care of orphans.  That thought filled my mind today as I heard from friends about the Davis family from Alabama that is wrestling with the Russian judicial system to bring home a Russian orphan who has Down’s Syndrome named Kirill.

According to the family, a Russian judge denied Kirill’s adoption because the judge deemed the him unworthy of a family.  The judge could not grasp why American parents would chose to adopt such a child, and instructed them to adopt a different one.  The Davises, however, will not change course.  They have appealed the ruling with hopes of opening doors for more adoptions of children with Down’s.

The fact that the judge is mystified is understandable.  The gods of our age—from convenience and material wealth to comfort—all declare that adoption of any special needs child is utter foolishness. Meanwhile, a worldview informed only by Darwinism would dictate that families put their energies into ensuring that their own genes survive…allowing “damaged” genetic material to be removed from the gene pool.

Thankfully, this is not the heart of our God, who pursued us at infinite cost to himself despite the deep damage sin had wrought upon us.  Read more about this family that is mirroring God’s heart in pursuing this Russian orphan here.