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The Joy and Pain of Adoption—And Help Along the Way

The personal story attached here, A Song Almost Heard, left me almost breathless when I read it.  Poignant.  Raw.  Lovely.  Anguished. A recurring theme of this blog is that adoption—as well as other ways of loving orphans—can be as costly as it is beautiful.  It mirrors the road Jesus walked to rescue us.  We see […]

New 3rd Day Adoption Video: Children of God

If you care deeply about adoption—both the adoption of children in need of families, and God’s adoption of us—3rd Day’s new music video is unforgettabel. No comment needed!

Japan’s Tsunami

The shortest verse in the Bible is also among its most profound:  Jesus wept. It is not hard to imagine that he does so again now over the anguish following Japan’s Tsunami.  Thousands are dead, countless more wounded and displaced. Given Japan’s affluence and well-developed social services, the needs of newly-made orphans and other vulnerable […]

Approaching the Human Trafficking Cause with a Broader View

This week’s featured article from Comment Magazine came in an email with a provocative subject line, “Yes, Human Trafficking Is Popular.”  The article itself was provocative as well.  Trafficking is a brutal evil, and it has captured the enthusiasm of myriad young activists longing to be part of a noble cause.  As explored in a […]

Pending Reductions in Adoptions from Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Ministry of Women’s, Children’s and Youth Affairs last week announced their intention to reduce intercountry adoptions from Ethiopia by 90 percent, effective immediately.  Volumes could be written about this tragic and counter-productive decision. Our friends at the Joint Council for International Children’s Services (JCICS) consistently take a measured and thoughtful approach to complex […]

VIDEO: Twietmeyers on the Today Show

It’s hard to encounter Kiel and Carolyn Twietmeyer and their family without falling in love with them.  I first discovered that a couple years ago over a happily chaotic pizza dinner at their home in rural Illinois.  This morning’s edition of The Today Show suggests that Jenna Bush Hager found the same during her recent […]