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Remembering Benjamin

I still remember well how, when I first met Paul Pennington several years ago, his eyes lit up when he told me about his grandson, Benjamin.  Paul’s daughter Elizabeth and her husband Matt adopted Benjamin from South Korea knowing he had severe heart problems.  They understood his days with them would likely be short, and […]

Article in The Nation Goes After Christian Adoption

Christianity Today online has just released an article I’ve written in response to the piece that ran in The Nation this week.  The Christianity Today article begins: An article titled “The Evangelical Adoption Crusade” appeared Friday in The Nation, lodging a hard-hitting critique of Christians and adoption. Those who disapprove of Christian adoption efforts do […]

How We Care for Orphans (Shows the Society We Are)

The website Conservative Home USA is rising force among conservative thinkers in Washington and beyond, shaping ideas and priorities for many Republican leaders and other key influencers.  I’m particularly impressed at how the site—alongside its strong priority on limited government principles—continues to remind of the importance of compassion and justice as individual and social priorities, […]

From Noel Piper’s Blog: Refreshment For Adoptive Mom’s

Noel Piper posted on her blog yesterday: There are lots of good reasons for lots of different kinds of people to attend Summit VII, sponsored by the Christian Alliance for Orphans, May 12-13, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Here’s one more reason. On Wednesday, May 11, the day before the conference begins there are several pre-conference events, […]

Listen to “Point of View” Today on Adoption and Orphan Care

The popular radio show “Point of View” today will focus on adoption, foster care and orphan care today.  Hear Alliance President Jedd Medefind, as well as Bruce Kendrick of Alliance member organization Embrace Texas.  Listen at 2:15 PM eastern today here.

Post Adoption Support from Focus on the Family

As we’ve discussed on this blog many times, I believe the support of adoptive families facing challenges along the adoption journey is the single most important issue facing the adoption movement.  Summit will include a great deal of training and resources on this front, both for families and for church ministries.  There is great need […]